Sunday, May 29, 2011

Giving New Life to Old Fake Nails

I recently indulged and treated myself to gel nails. If you aren't familiar with these, basically they are synthetic nails that can substitute for natural nails that are either too short, unevenly textured, or nails that have short nail beds. There are several types of faux nails to choose from, and this was my first experience with gel nails. I have been extremely satisfied with my choice to try gel nails. They are very shiny and because the gel polish is cured by a UV light, it doesn't chip or lose its shine. It has been eleven days since I had my nails done, and they are starting to look pretty shabby. It is usually recommended that you fill your nails every two to three weeks. Now you may be wondering why mine haven't lasted longer. I have been blessed with extremely fast growing nails. Even when I paint my own natural nails they grow out super quickly. I kind of forgot about the fact that my nails grow at the speed of light when i chose to get faux nails, but nonetheless I do not regret my choice. Instead of heading into the nail salon after practically a week only to spend money on having them filled, I decided to take matters into my own hands (oh god i love cheesy puns) and give my nails an at-home-makeover. To find out how I prolonged the life of my faux nails keep reading!